BITLINE is the only industry provider for casino chip access directly from cryptocurrency and digital asset holdings in the physical casino environment. We facilitate  cryptocurrency owners direct access to liquidity in just minutes using their digital assets without creating taxable events.  Bitline`s cryptocurrency platform can be used in Casinos around the world.

Our Story

Mission Statement

Bitline is a unique payments provider focused on the Casino sector with a mission to deliver fast, secure, compliant, and “24/7/365” access to funds inside

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the casino environment at a cost and scale previously unattainable by a single provider.  Bitline provides members instant access to casino chips via the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stablecoin (crypto-assets) anywhere in the world at any time desired.

Company Overview

Bitline is a mobile application designed to bring liquidity to a market that is largely untouched today –use of digital assets.

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Some of these include a dependency on the stability of the customer’s banking environment, marketplace readiness to engage with digital assets, or funds sourced from digital assets.  BitLine has created the opportunity to use crypto assets and create liquidity for use in Casinos around the world. This new payment method changes the landscape of Casino payments space bridging the gap between Cryptocurrency assets and access to casino chips. BitLine provides fixed term pricing for its customers backed by using digital assets safely held in custody. Through this, customers can keep their digital assets intact and engage vendors via their digital assets, without the need to directly liquidate their digital assets and dealing with the taxable events this process can create.


BitLine assists casino patrons:

  • Looking for a better solution to access funds in the casino.
  • Needing limits beyond currently available fund sources 24 hours a day.
  • Needing funds that do not qualify for lines of credit.
  • Who have crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, but do not want to liquidate them.

A Case For BitLine

Rather than attempting to only solve part of the problem, Bitline has deployed industrial-grade tools for a full service solution.

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Bitline offers the best in class services for compliance and security, experts in gaming and fintech, corporate partners for liquidity, banking, and GTM operations and execution. With this structure, each element of the BitLine solution is meeting every difficult challenge head on.

Historically, the leading methods for making large amounts of gaming funds available in the casino environment involved extensive planning (credit line provisioning – Markers, wiring funds in advance – front money), bringing in large amounts of cash (dangerous – risk of theft, potential anti-money laundering flags), or paying for Cash Access services (credit card, debit card, ATM, and Check cashing) which have limited access to high-net-worth individuals and have significant fees.

For the international traveler, this is a significant challenge. For individuals holding assets in cryptocurrencies, liquidating funds, and moving them through the banking system, is both time-consuming and burdened with heavy tax implications. In the post-COVID environment, casino operators are looking for alternatives to Marker and Front Money services to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, and increase revenues. A company that can deliver a product that solves these issues can tap into massively pent-up demand. A company that can deliver “up to $10 million in 20 minutes” inside the casino will be positioned to reshape the market.


The Guarantee

Get Cash or Chips in Just Minutes at Casinos Around the World at Any Time!

Put your Crypto assets to work with BitLine by using them as a vehicle to access Casino floor liquidity. You can get access to up to 10 million USD in casino chips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in just minutes at participating casinos around the world! This new service complies with each casino’s internal controls while leaving the power of choice and control of assets entirely in YOUR hands!


Getting Started

Creating a Bitline transaction is simple and efficient.  Registration and approval takes minutes.  Access up to $10,000,000 in casino chips to play anywhere in the world at your convenience.

How To Create a Transaction

1. Transfer eligible assets into your Bitline custody account.
2. Choose currency (digital asset) for your transaction.

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3. Choose Casino where you would like to create a transaction.
4. Choose start date of your transaction.
5. Choose a transaction amount (Up to $10,000,000 USD).
6. The Casino is notified of your visit and, if it is your first transaction, initiates the transaction approval process.

You Control Your Transactions

The base fee of a Transaction amount is 5%.  Fee prices do scale upwards if you do not close your transactions after a 2 week period to 7.5% and up to one month is 10%.

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This means you can control whether to ride a bull run or closeout for the lowest cost.

In order to minimize the need to liquidate your transaction suddenly due to market volatility, 200% collateral is locked in at the creation of the transaction.  As conditions change and the ratio moves up or down during the term, you will have the ability to free up excess assets (bull market) or add more (bear market) as you deem appropriate.

Closing Your Transaction

Close transactions directly at the casino – you can simply return funds provided by the casino (rather than walking out the door with winnings) and your full transaction value minus the fee is released back to you immediately.

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“Use my Digital Assets” – BitLine can provide a liquidation service to use your digital assets to cover any outstanding balance owed to a casino including fees.

“Buy back Digital Assets” – allows for fiat or other assets to be used to pay off your transaction and avoid additional liquidation costs or taxable events.

Bitline supports major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum (including ERC20 tokens), USDC, and Tether (USDT) for digital asset transactions. This allows the majority of crypto asset holders worldwide to be able to store, exchange, and receive casino chip liquidity via BitLine.

How Bitline Works

The BitLine app allows you to create transactions in minutes using your digital assets. These transactions can be used to access funds quickly with participating casinos around the world.







Bitline Case Study

Becoming a Bitline member is both efficient and effective. Members from any state or country in the world can access casino chips in global casinos via a digital asset transaction in just minutes.  Accessing casino chip limits up to $10,000,000 using digital assets has never been quicker or easier.



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